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 We provide you with the air conditioned vehicle with the driver and the licensed professional English speaking guide. You can draw up the program and determine the sights you wish to visit; our guide and the private vehicle with the driver will be at your disposal. This kind of Ephesus tour is for those who is short of time or just have special wishes about what to visit around Kusadasi and Ephesus.

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Celsius library in Ephesus
- Ancient city of Ephesus.
- The House of Virgin Mary.
- The Basilica of St. John.
- Ephesus Archaeological Museum.
- Terrace Houses.
- The Temple of Artemis.
- Ancient cities of Priene, Miletos, Didyma.
- Old Orthodox village of Sirince.
- National Park of Kusadasi.
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Did you know that fact about Ephesus?

Among the most popular world ancient attractions Ephesus should have taken a very important place being one of the perfect examples of the ancient memorials, still very well preserved and giving you a huge impression of how the live in that period was. You should take your time to walk through the city to see all the great sightseeing there which you certainly have heard about (at least about the most of them): Hadrian Temple dedicated to the Emperor of Hadrian; Grand Theatre with the capacity of 26 000 people where fights and theatre performances took part; Celsius Library belonging to the Emperor Celsius; you can even see the public latrines in the city.

Certainly you heard about the worth seeing sights around Ephesus: House of Virgin Mary, Basilica of John Apostle, Isa bey Mosque, Seven Sleepers Cave.
But did you know about the place outside of Ephesus called garbage heap (trash heap)? According to the historical records unwanted babies - mostly girls - due to the belief to the Artemis goddess (Artemis was the goddess of fertility both giving blessings to woman willing to have a child and also protecting from the child birth, as every third woman was likely to die during the child birth) were left in the isolated area to die. The most healthiest of them were picked up by the slave traders and used to be slaves or prostitutes.

Mobility Scooter for disabled and elder guests

For the first time in Kusadasi and Izmir, our mobility scooters are at your disposal during the daily Ephesus tours, especially for our disabled guests or those who have walking difficulties. We offer this service for the half or full day Ephesus tour to all of our customers with disabilities and elder people with walking problems. You just start the mobility scooter up and can visit the House of Virgin Mary or the Ephesus city without ant problems together with your tour guide.
The only thing you need to do is to let us know about this special request while making the tour reservation. While picking you up from Kusadasi or Izmir ports, our mobility scooter, being collapsible, will wait for you in the back of the mini van. And you will be able to make your tour with all the comfort and without getting tired! If you look at the pictures below, you will see how comfortable and safe the mobility scooter is, especially for your full day or private Ephesus tour.

Ephesus Mobility Scooter for Disabled and Elder Guests Ephesus Mobility Scooter for Disabled and Elder Guests Ephesus Mobility Scooter for Disabled and Elder Guests Ephesus Mobility Scooter for Disabled and Elder Guests

Turkey is the best place for visiting historical places:

Ephesus Selcuk, Kusadasi Ephesus, Didyma, Priene, Miletos. Being one of the most important of Turkey, Ephesus is called on of the seven world wonders. It is strongly recommended for every one coming to Turkey, to visit The temple of Artemis, the seven sleepers cave, St. John Basilica, The House of Virgin Mary, not because it is a worth-seeing places but also of its importance for the Christian, Jewish, Catholics and other Religions in the world (Ephesus religious tours).

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